Real Time Visibility Systems: A new dawn for multi-enterprise visibility

Greetings and welcome to the RTVS [Real Time Visibility Systems] Tribe – A Tribe whose mission is to enable repeatable, scalable solutions for real time enterprise and of which you are now officially a part of! 🙂

To all my well-wishers and comrades from my previous life who Expressed the RFID in You!,  it’s wonderful to be back and needless to say am super, super excited about about shaping the next wave of RFID based solutions with some of the smartest guys I’ve worked with over the years!

So what can you expect in my new avatar @ S3Edge?

How about literally starting with Real Visibility, Real Time? An inside the trenches, no fluff, no varnish, viewpoint from an innovative software solutions company as we build out the RTVS platform and the vertical solutions {Warehouse Visibility, WiP, Hi-Value Asset Tracking, Product Recall} with a single minded focus to delight and deliver as promised to our customer base.

You will hear (and see) some of the future innovation underway in the S3Edge labs in naturally extending Software on Premise with services in the cloud for distributed multi-enterprise visibility. From time to time, you will also hear some of my personal thoughts on varied subjects that I care about sprinkled in for your viewing pleasure.

Most importantly though (and probably relevantly) I will strive to paint the hard lessons learnt and the sweet triumphs earned in making a customer happy while deploying enterprise ready RFID solutions, while exposing YOU, the Tribe to a plethora of commentary on a variety of subjects by experts (customers, partners, and industry captains) who know their stuff best and are gracious enough to give us their time!

Overall, this is just the beginning of a journey – along the way there is a lot of fun to be had as a tribe, and am sure there will be bumps, bruises and probably a lot of non-believers and consternation… to that I invite you, the Tribe member to share and share liberally based on your experiences (good and bad) – send me your thoughts, and let me know if have anything to post out here for your fellow tribesmen – and we will paint the road to what it really takes to deploy a transformational set of packaged solutions with a cookie cutter deployment model…Something we call RTVS!





Skype Anush @ AllThingsRTVS


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