Ushering in the RFID 2.0 revolution

Your curiosity is piqued, and now you really want to know what we do and why you should care 🙂

Needless to say, we’ve been hard at work validating and getting a much deeper understanding of what enterprise customers really want when they mean scalable, repeatable real time solutions for bottom-up visibility. We successfully orchestrated a min-launch that helped showcase some of the RTVS innovation along with Microsoft at their World-Wide launch of BizTalk RFID Mobile last month (as part of the RFID show in Paris and the Gartner AADI event in Vegas)

In addition to a new web-site ( that succinctly captures our USP and some of the early work we’ve done, here are a few articles of potential interest for your perusal:

1. RFID Journal article on our customer deployment at RiteCare  pharmacy (for warehouse visibility)

2. Partner and customer references as part of the overall Microsoft BizTalk RFID Mobile Release

3. Our external release on products / solutions we are bringing to market

4. A case study of the Ritecare deployment published at

By now you are probably going, OK but what does this have to do with what RTVS is really about and how it’s transforming the RFID applications space – tell me more about the real stuff!

  1. What do you mean by RFID 2.0?
  2. How is RTVS going to help me address my real time visibility needs while delivering clear ROI??
  3. Can you tell me more about some of your early adopters???

For a quick look at why we do what we do, check out the slides I pulled together that hopefully provides a bit more insight into what we are passionate about as a company, while providing you a brief insight into the answers for the above.

For a more verbose, in-depth, I recently had the opportunity to sit down and do an interview with Colin Masson, {Worldwide Director of CRM, ERP and Supply Chain Solution Areas at Microsoft}, on how RTVS has well and truly begun to usher in the enterprise-ready RFID applications (2.0) era, and James Vastbinder, Industry Technology Strategist, ERP & SCM was kind enough to post it at the link below…

S3Edge Feature on Microsoft Supply Chain Blog

So w/o further ado, happy readings and I’d love to hear from you as always on any questions, areas you’d like to drill into a bit more, or just your plain opinions – all feedback welcome, keep ’em coming! 🙂



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