Year of the Ox – a bellwether for RFID 2.0?

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Though I typically am not one to pay attention to horoscopes, astrology mumbo-jumbo etc., this interesting nugget caught my attention while I was reading about the various celebrations that will take place in China to welcome in the Year of the Ox [the background reading on this is truly fascinating for those who are into history and cultural practices]

To quote from JingleMe’s weblog:

“2009 is the year of the Ox, which symbolizes success and prosperity by determination and hard work. Success awaits those who work hard this year. 2009 is the year of resilience, hard work, and patience. Trash the bad practices; do better this year”

How is this relevant to RFID 2.0 in the coming year?

Some thoughts in Before / After [in the RFID 2.0 era] format:

  • For too long hype in this industry has caused costly, complex, non enterprise-ready solutions to be deployed, resulting in a damper on customer confidence in bringing real-time solutions to mainstream.
    • There is no room for this in a year of fiscal conservativeness and a need to demonstrate value in every $ that’s being spent from day 0. This will result in the emergence of the enterprise-ready RFID 2.0 applications & solution players
  • Innovations in the hardware space has been screaming along at a rapid pace, and in the same breath LoB systems have been seeking to incorporate bottoms-up visibility into their world to bridge the gap between ‘Expected’ and ‘Actual’; All of which has resulted in a crying for software solutions to take advantage of the innovations at the device level via applications that complement LoB systems in providing bottom-up visibility from the ad-hoc, ‘physical world’ processes
    • The need to extract maximum value out of existing infrastructure (with lowest TCO) will require an era of scalable on-device solutions, pushing and leveraging intelligence at the mobile edge in a seamless manner at the spoke, resulting in solutions that are deployed based on scenario requirements vs. infrastructure needs – no more ‘re-engineering’ of the entire supply chain to harness real-time visibility in your electronic business process
  • Clearly specified methodologies to extract the value out of real-time visibility w/o boiling the ocean:
    • This will be the year where we’ll see real examples of value driven applications come to the fore with a clear focus on Getting to the ‘R’ in ROI from real-time applications. The solutions that customers invest in and deploy in production this year will tell us where the value is and what the RFID 2.0 applications really are, and this in turn will result in best of breed solution providers who are able to demonstrate this value based on their experience, learnings and resolve to do the right right for the end user.


At S3Edge our DNA is interwoven with working hard and working closely with the end-user to identify where the value is (or not) in delivering RTVS based solutions.


We’d love to hear from you if this resonates with some of the value added activities you are planning for the year ahead!






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