Technology,Teamwork,Customer-Centric Innovation

… something that has become somewhat of a cliche in our industry today, but how often do you really see it being implemented, especially if you are the end-user using a new product or service?

Although the terms by themselves are important in their own right, the sum of all parts is key to the development of every aspiring successful, and valuable [not always the same :)] product or service for the market. You begin with a game-changing technology, become deeply passionate about its impact, work together as a team, and translate this into a great product or service that delights your customers. Industry stalwarts like Seth Godin, Guy Kawasaki, Nick Carr, Sraman Mitra & Suboroto Bagchi have spoken in depth about different aspects of executing this based on their experiences.

Today I would like to share with you a piece that caught my eye from Werner Vogel, Amazon’s CTO, on his IW award [read about it @ All Things Distributed]. Vogel leads a team that’s not just talking the talk, but walking the walk in delivering on an audacious and ambitious promise – Democratizing Cloud Computing. This is truly inspiring from a team that’s changing the landscape of technology as we know it and will have a profound impact [to quote Nick Carr] as we make the “Big Switch to Software as a Utility” in the future, very much like electricity at the dawn of the twentieth century.

So, as we start thinking about what the ‘appliances’ of the future are going to be, it’s truly inspiring to see that we are not alone at a small startup called S3Edge, and have more in common with the giants in Amazon than simply the similarity in ‘S3’… hats off to Vogel and his team for all that they do and the impact they are having on the industry. I will leave you with a little piece from Vogel’s post that personally impacted me the most, and sets the bar for all future work here at S3Edge..

“We will always focus on what our customers need and work backwards from there. We will continue to innovate and roll out services and features that address the real needs of our customers.

It is still only Day One… “


Until next time…




Skype Anush @ AllThingsRTVS


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