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S3Edge @ the MIT Enterprise Forum, March 9th

In 2 weeks time, I will have the opportunity (and the honor) to present at the hallowed MIT Enterprise Forum on our work, and some of the exciting new solutions we are working on. Specifically I will be discussing:

  • S3Edge’s On-Premise, On-Device, and On-Demand approach [on the Microsoft platform] to deploy scalable Real Time Visibility System [RTVS] for multi-enterprise visibility
  • Illustrate (and showcase) how a S+S [Software + Services] approach enables flexible, rich 3 tier end-user solutions to be deployed based on application needs vs. deployment topology / infrastructure needs.
    • Hint: As a business or a technology owner, does the idea of a “cloud” based app on Microsoft Azure or Amazon EC2 interacting with hardware to realize “real-time visibility on tap” pique your curiosity and gets your juices flowing? You will not be disappointed 🙂
  • And perhaps most interestingly, showcase our latest RFID based solution for pathology and biological markets with industry leading h/w from Magellan technologies <with whom we are also working on a document tracking solution> & Ken from Magellan will be joining me during this as well.

Goto to learn more about the event and register for the same – This is an event that I have time and again wanted to be a part of when I was at Microsoft, but somehow never materialized, and am very grateful to Stephen and team for giving me this opportunity in my new avatar to do this.

Look forward to seeing you on the evening of March 9th and drop me a line if you are planning on being there.



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S3Edge featured as a Fast Track company by ChannelWorld magazine

S3Edge’s CEO and Founder, Ram Venkatesh was recently interviewed by ChannelWorld [a magazine focused on solution providers], and we’ve been featured as one of the “FastTrack” companies by the magazine – great to get a bit of recognition for the work we do every day (if you know Venkatesh, he’s probably one of the most soft-spoken, PR gun-shy persons you will meet :)) and validation from a leading industry publication on solutions we are bringing to market.

Without further ado, below is the scanned copy of the publication for your reading pleasure and we should see Venkatesh live on AllThingRTVS! very soon… And maybe get a sneak peek from him on some of the chapters he has penned in the soon to be released book on BizTalk RFID as well! 🙂







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