Launching Radio RTVS!

As part of our commitment to bringing RFID solutions (with razor focus on ROI) to the masses, one of the key things that I committed to the RTVS tribe is that I would  publish interviews / talks with industry thought leaders and customers from a plethora of backgrounds – on what they are doing, why it is relevant to our industry and how it’s going to shape or influence ideas and systems in years to come.

I’d like to kick off the first “episode” of Radio RTVS with the talk I did yesterday at the MIT Enterprise Forum; Was a really fun day (I got to hang out with Dr. John Williams who runs the Auto-ID lab and bounce a bunch of ideas of him as well as get his feedback on S3Edge’s 3 tier approach to packaged real time visibility systems On-Device, On-Premise, and On-Demand which was extremely +ve) and the 3 areas that I covered in this talk were:

  • The 3 tier approach to building repeatable, scaleable RTVS solutions
  • The role of cloud computing in delivering multi-enterprise visibility
  • A end-end demo for slide tracking in the pathology space [which is a configurable app atop our asset tracking / work-in-process application] with our h/w partner Magellan – a demo that brings the above 2 bullets together and showcases a hosted, ‘packaged’ / configurable asset tracking application at work.

So w/o further ado I hope you enjoy the talk below and if you want to see the last part of the talk – which is the hosted S3Edge application at work, drop us a note, or sign up for a demo through  🙂

Grab it off or view it at:

In terms of future talks, I have a few ideas of folks that I’d like to talk to on behalf of the RTVS tribe [I hope to be able to publish at least a couple per month] – if you have specific requests on subjects or folks you’d like to see on Radio RTVS, as always, drop me a line

Until the next show!






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