The meaning in life of RTVS – why you should care

RTVS == Real-Time Visibility Systems….

“Hmm, cool name – But what is the value for my business, why is it different from anything else out there in the form of RFID S/W vendors, and help me better understand why I should really care” – Great, valid questions from a end-user viewpoint that this blog post will aim to address:

First, some food for thought on the taxonomy of today’s RFID applications:

  • Open loop systems are complex, have lengthy adoption cycles, lots of touch points need to fall in place, and much harder to show demonstrable ROI

Takeaway: Compliance is dead, not relevant anymore in today’s economy

  • Point applications that address very specific needs for certain verticals are extremely relevant but solve niche needs [ex: people, pet, hospital asset tracking, tool booths]

Takeaway: If you have a need for a point application utilizing RFID, it’s often best to find a solution provider who is focused 101% on your area, and nothing else – but then you knew that already

  • Close loop systems are an area where customers today do not have a solution in place that connects up real-world events to the enterprise application with minimal disruption [Enterprise apps are loosely connected to the physical world they manage] and processes usually are paper based and error prone; Which essentially results in today’s [electronic] systems being out of sync with activities happening in the physical-world, and bridging that gap between ‘Actual’ vs. ‘Expected’ is an area  with very clear ROI to demonstrate business benefit for end-users

Takeaway: The real issue with RFID adoption today is not the lack of understanding around ROI, nor an issue of H/W + tag costs, but rather a lack of packaged solution providers that can provide cost-effective, and scalable / extensible enterprise solutions to connect enterprise applications to real-time data, with minimal or very little disruption of existing systems – the need is to complement and extend existing LoB (Line-of-Business) functionality with Real-Time Visibility, NOT replace.

In other words, finding a vendor who can address your software needs as promised, on time and budget, with real value is no trivial task, and if you have taken the “traditional” custom solution approach to building a RFID solution, or are utilizing custom middleware, chance are the cost and complexity has been adding up with no clear light at the end of the tunnel – If it’s not late, look for packaged solution providers who give you a scalable solution ‘out of the box’ (to address your 80-20 needs) while putting in place an enterprise architecture that can be customized and extended with familiar software tools / technology.

This will put you squarely on the path to realizing value from your RFID deployments in the near and longer term as the very nature of a packaged solution offering implies a deep understanding of hardware capabilities, immense familiarity with an enterprise S/W platform for building scalable solutions, and the experience / depth (with a ‘server’ mentality) to pull all the components together in creating the end product / solution.

So, how does RTVS play into all of this, and why should you care?

  1. RTVS is a brand new category of packaged, mission-critical software application at the enterprise spoke that enables an organization to unleash the benefits of Real-Time Visibility
  2. The S3Edge RVTS offering is a complete solution package encompassing Hardware, Software, Services & Hosting that achieves the above – the underlying technology distributes real-time workflow processing across central server, edge server and mobile devices (forklifts and hand-helds), and the ‘out-of-the-box ‘ process flows can be customized to meet client specific business processes.
  3. In summary, mission in life of S3Edge RTVS is to connect real-time events to enterprise applications via packaged offerings that can be customized with least disruption to the controlling enterprise app

Want to learn more?

  1. Attend the Industry Webinar that we are hosting with Microsoft & RFID Journal on the 14th of April, 2-3 EDT on utilizing packaged Real Time Visibility Systems to cut costs and gain efficiencies in the warehouse and factory floor operations space – Click here to register for the Webinar or visit our website to learn more
  2. Come see us at the Microsoft booth @ RFID World Event in Singapore [April 21-24] where S3Edge CEO will also keynote with Volker Rosendahl, Director of Worldwide Category Sales, BizTalk Server, Microsoft Corporation
  3. Visit us at the Microsoft booth @ RFID Journal Live in Orlando  [April 27-29]

Stay tuned for my next post on breaking down a RTVS deployment into distinct phases with well-defined activities in each phase to enable demonstrable value from real-time data from get go, and build on it to do more in subsequent phases.

Before I sign off, here are a few slides on this very topic that you may find interesting – As always look forward to your thoughts / comments and see you at the Webinar!






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