S3Edge demonstrates first forklift application on BizTalk RFID mobile as part of RTVS for Warehouse Visibility

Last week, we had the pleasure of demonstrating the first forklift application to be written on BizTalk RFID Mobile – at RFID World Asia Singapore, as part of the Microsoft ‘RFID in Action’ booth.

The application (part of our overall RTVS for Warehouse Visibility product suite) which interfaces with the Motorola RD 5000 and the vehicle mount computer is basically a camera in that it allows you to record, rewind, fast-forward, and play ‘live’ events of interest that the fork-lift reader is picking up in the warehouse i.e. an Observational System on the ground.

Once this info is communicated back to the RTVS server, instructions are then provided to the warehouse worker to put-away, put-back, receive, move, ship inventory and other warehouse activities as dictated by the controlling enterprise app – all done in a seamless, distributed manner that incorporates automatic system data from RFID, user-initiated requests / responses, and WMS initiated activities as part of the overall system.

To showcase this system, we worked with Motorola to outfit a Segway with the RD5000 forklift reader, and ran the S3Edge Observational system on the vehicle computer – the Segway moving from one part of the simulated warehouse to another then showed new observations, pickup, drop-off, and inventory movement – all incorporated into the S3Edge RTVS portal for Warehouse Visibility with the mobile application as part of the overall packaged application.

The results? The demo was the showcase of the show and we made it to the evening news well 🙂 – check it out below, kudos to Motorola for working with us on this and making it happen, and bonus points for translating 🙂



The show overall was a success, we had numerous quality interactions with customers who were very excited about the relevance of a packaged solution to address their real-time warehouse operations and work-in-process tracking needs, and I look forward to being back next year!

Here are some more photos from the show, including a few of the keynote that I did with Microsoft. – enjoy, and look forward to showing you all this at work (minus the Segqway though…) at RFID Journal Live this week.





2009.04 – RFID World Asia, Singapore ( http://www.flickr.com/photos/e_kian/sets/72157617350345210/)

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