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TechEd 2009: Tech-talk take 2 with Sudhir Hasbe

Sudhir Hasbe (Product Manger responsible for the overall RFID business at Microsoft) and I sat down to discuss how S3Edge’s unique packaged, turnkey solutions in the form of Real-Time Visibility Systems [RTVS] are helping customers with vertically integrated manufacturing & logistics operations to start seeing immediate results from “Biztalk RFID Enabled Warehouse Operations and Work-in-Process Tracking” – catch the recording at the URL below and hope you enjoy this as much as we did in creating this!

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TechEd 2009: Tech-talk with Mark Beckner

Mark and I had a chance to catch up at TechED this year, and had a lot of fun doing a tech-talk on “Integrating BizTalk RFID with the Enterprise” – the talk was a blast as I had a chance to spend some time talking about the components that make up a Real Time Visibility system and some best practices for deploying such an application, and Mark with his extensive enterprise application integration background provides users with some valuable context around integration of real-time data into existing line-of-business applications with minimal or no disruption.

So without further ado, click the URL below to view and enjoy!

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Keynote at TechED

This Monday (when TechED 2009 kicked off) I had the opportunity to be part of the SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) track keynote for on “The Microsoft Developer Platform for Building Software-Plus-Services Applications” with Burley Kawasaki, who is the director for the product management group for the developer and platform division.

We (S3Edge) demonstrated a 3-tier approach on the Microsoft Developer Platform (packaged Real-Time Visibility Systems delivered On-Device, On-Premise and On-Demand utilizing the Windows Azure platform services) to leverage close-loop visibility in distributed warehouses via the packaged S3Edge Warehouse Visibility On-premise business application and enforce a proactive product recall across distributed warehouses.

In addition to the demo which showcased, our server and mobile applications for warehouse visibility working together to deliver real-time operational visibility within the 4 walls of a warehouse for operations like Pick, Pack, Putaway, Move, Commission / De-Commission [of assets, zones, and locations], Cross-Dock and Ship / Receive, topics that I covered during the talk included:


art58E1   An understanding of the 3-tier RTVS architecture [On-Device, On-Premise, On-Demand]

art58E2   Components of the server and developer platform that a RTVS utilizes to deliver real-time visibility to enterprise applications

art58E3   An example of RTVS at work for close-loop warehouse operations

art58E4  How RTVS software was extended

on the developer platform to deliver “Visibility On-Demand” for product recall across distributed locations


View the slides below and drop me a line with your comments / questions or if you are considering a warehouse visibility or discrete manufacturing implementation with this 3 tier approach in mind; Look forward to hearing from you, as always!






Retail-speak, On-Windows features the S3Edge ‘RFID 2.0’ approach to connecting real-time data to enterprise applications

Taking stock




As always If you would like to learn more about the S3Edge solutions and how it may be applied to your warehouse or discrete manufacturing operations, drop me a line or send mail to anytime – in addition to helping you deploy a complete scalable real-time visibility system [hardware, software, services, and hosting if required] for your requirements, we can also help you model the expected return on investment for the solution based on operational parameters of your warehouse or factory floor.





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