Keynote at TechED

This Monday (when TechED 2009 kicked off) I had the opportunity to be part of the SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) track keynote for on “The Microsoft Developer Platform for Building Software-Plus-Services Applications” with Burley Kawasaki, who is the director for the product management group for the developer and platform division.

We (S3Edge) demonstrated a 3-tier approach on the Microsoft Developer Platform (packaged Real-Time Visibility Systems delivered On-Device, On-Premise and On-Demand utilizing the Windows Azure platform services) to leverage close-loop visibility in distributed warehouses via the packaged S3Edge Warehouse Visibility On-premise business application and enforce a proactive product recall across distributed warehouses.

In addition to the demo which showcased, our server and mobile applications for warehouse visibility working together to deliver real-time operational visibility within the 4 walls of a warehouse for operations like Pick, Pack, Putaway, Move, Commission / De-Commission [of assets, zones, and locations], Cross-Dock and Ship / Receive, topics that I covered during the talk included:


art58E1   An understanding of the 3-tier RTVS architecture [On-Device, On-Premise, On-Demand]

art58E2   Components of the server and developer platform that a RTVS utilizes to deliver real-time visibility to enterprise applications

art58E3   An example of RTVS at work for close-loop warehouse operations

art58E4  How RTVS software was extended

on the developer platform to deliver “Visibility On-Demand” for product recall across distributed locations


View the slides below and drop me a line with your comments / questions or if you are considering a warehouse visibility or discrete manufacturing implementation with this 3 tier approach in mind; Look forward to hearing from you, as always!







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