Re-post: Webcast link on S3Edge RTVS Solutions

Given the multiple pings I’ve been receiving lately on the Webinar we did with Microsoft recently (on the S3Edge RTVS solutions and it’s benefits), I’d like to re-post the link on the Webinar for those of you who missed this earlier – you can view the recording by clicking on the link below:

Topics we covered included:

  1. Scenarios and requirements addressed by a Real-Time Visibility System [RTVS]
  2. Components of a RTVS and the S3Edge RTVS software architecture
  3. The Key business characteristics to look for in order to get significant benefits from a RTVS
  4. A 3 phase approach [Observe, Direct, Improve] to get up and running quickly – and get immediate returns with a RTVS
  5. 2 customer case-studies that demonstrates RTVS at work
  6. An insiders look at the packaged flows supported by the S3Edge RTVS applications for Warehouse Ops and Work-in-Process Asset tracking
  7. A quick-start guide to deploy a RTVS

Drop us a line at or send me a note, if we can help answer any questions around how we could potentially add value to your requirements around automating existing business processes with real-time visibility from RFID and sensor data.




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