Checking back in to RTVS land

It’s been a while since I posted and am excited to be back in RTVS land and posting from the world of Real-Time Visibility Systems. My mini-‘timeout’ was personal (just got married to an extremely special person, and took some time to travel in the south and west of Ireland) and it certainly was (however small :)) a good thing for the soul and the mind. As with most of my trips, I try to completely disconnect but the new iPhone SDK and and exciting developments in cloud computing succeeded in taking me back to my teens in terms of fascination with technology and the impact it has every time it evolves to re-invent – at some point I’ll report back on the status of my new mobile and cloud apps that get classified under the ‘Kumar Skunkwork’s’ department 😉

One of my other favorite activities to clear my head (and refresh the batteries) is to catch up on the general readings, which almost always means a good book or two and poring over blogs – A great book I spent some time on this time was ‘Ignore Everybody: and 39 Other Keys to Creativity’ by Hugh McLeod – straight up and in your face practical advice on innovating and continuing to innovate. Some of the blogs I caught up on and continue to take a peek at once in a  while over the weekends are:

  1. Seth Godin (
  2. Sraman Mitra (
  3. WSJ’s VC Dispatch (
  4. Subroto Bagchi’s Go Kiss the World  (
  5. And last but not the least, Kawasaki’s ‘How to change the world’ (

Of course, all of this would not be complete without the obligatory ‘caught in the act’ photo of how this used to happen – so here it is for your viewing pleasures 🙂


Anyways, some of you are probably wondering what all of this has to do with Real-Time Visibility Systems and the goal of enabling RTVS one location at a time – Well, it probably does not at face value but some of the principles that modern thinkers (and doers) like Seth, Subroto, and Guy) influence how we engage with and work with our clients one business at at time – as trusted advisors who can help add value to their existing issues vs. selling them hard to use and modify custom / point solutions focused on $ value rather than client value.

So without any further ado, since we have a lot to catch up to do, let’s look at what’s coming down the pipe over the next month or two:

  1. How Ram Venkatesh (S3Edge CEO) whipped out a cool and snazzy ‘Find It’ RTVS mobile app to track and trace his assets as he moved houses – you do not want to miss this 🙂
  2. Learnings from my upcoming customer visits (will look to share as much as I can in a generic manner given the NDA embargoes ;))
  3. General market musings, stuff cooking in the S3Edge labs, h/w innovations from partners etc. from your truly

And perhaps most importantly, the evolution of the RTVS product suite and solutions as it enters a new avatar with configurable horizontal capabilities that can be easily customized and deployed for a multitude of vertical / client specific business processes, moving more closely to a truly packaged product offering on which turnkey / vertical solutions can easily be designed, deployed and managed.

Hoping to kick off a series of solution oriented webinars (that we’ll host and produce for the first time) with information aimed at adding value to the deployments you are planning while addressing the specifics of the ‘yet to be named’ S3Edge product suite 🙂

Stay tuned for what should be a lot of fun, and as always feel free to ping me if you’d like us to talk about something specific here or have a deeper conversation around a deployment you are planning.



P.S> I’ve also recently begun to discover the boon and banes of Twitter –> my blog should now contain yet another Twitter stream for your consideration if you are interested! Look forward to following and being followed 😉


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