S3Edge called out as a leading RFID innovator in recent RetailEDI article

Here’s a great read from RetailEDI that got recently published –

RFID – Something Retailers are Looking at…

Was a lot of fun interacting with Jim on this and it’s great to see his final opinions validate our core focus at S3Edge, specially:

  • Focusing on adding value to a customers’ needs by helping them deploy a close-loop system with well understood ROI, within their 4 walls [typically to increase process efficiencies, reduce or eliminate errors, and increase labor utilization / productivity]
  • Staying away from ‘open loop’ mandates, which in turn requires lots of touch points that need to fall in place, and much harder to show demonstrable ROI (and is typically a  compliance play initially with no ROI to supply chain collaborators)
  • Providing a packaged software offering with rich out of the capabilities that can be easily customized and extended with standard development tools (vs. proprietary tools such as the OAT environment) and has the following unique characteristics:
    • Designed for connection to existing controlling enterprise applications
    • No proprietary development environment to learn and support (built completely on the Microsoft platform)
    • Architected to maintain a clear separation between based product and customization to support long-term maintainability

If you are in the market for a packaged asset tracking RFID offering that will scale with your requirements over time, drop us a line at info@s3edge.com – we’d love to understand your scenarios / requirements better and show you what we’ve got!

Until my next post,



[Skype Anush at AllThingsRTVS]

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