“Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come”, Sir Victor Hugo 1852

Source: http://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Victor_Hugo

Hopefully you are still reading on, curious about what prompted my sudden philosophical leanings after a few months of silence 🙂

Well, simply put – we’ve been HARD AT WORK and the culmination of a 2 year effort is all ready to be unveiled tomorrow – but am not going to let it out just yet (however excited I am about the impact and the relevance to our industry :))

Today, I wanted to bring your attention to 2 recent articles / quotes that caught my eye and are extremely relevant to what we’ve been talking about for a while now: the need for packaged, scalable RFID based solutions for vertical markets

“I think we are evolving from a focus on pure middleware software to more packaged solutions around that middleware,” he told SCDigest. “Having big vendors like Microsoft investing in RFID support for their middleware is helping the solution providers by letting them focus on building the specific solutions for different industry scenarios as opposed to spending all of their time on building the infrastructure. I think this is helping to reduce the time it takes to deliver some of these implementations which can lead to quicker time to value”

  • Michael Dortsch’s statement (and to quote), “(RFID) technology is complex and costly to implement, requiring investments in the chips (ultra-high-frequency tags still run more than 7 cents apiece), readers, software, and new business processes ” in his write-up titled RFID in 2010: Will Anyone Care?”, and of interest to our favorite topic of discussion was Mark Roberti’s (of RFID Journal) response which went something like this:

“RFID needs to be simpler to deploy and more focused on complete solutions. RFID vendors have done a great job of making the technology work better and they have overcome many obstacles to deployment, but for many applications, you still have to buy hardware, software and hire a systems integrator to stitch together a solution.”

Touché! Simply put, the powerful idea whose time has come is:
A packaged offering comprising of hardware, tags and the needed controlling software, that can be quickly deployed with little or no disruption to existing enterprise systems, and dramatically simplifies the way enterprises evaluate and integrate RFID technology into their operations.
And from hereon nothing is going to stop customers from reaping the benefits of real-time technology by leveraging such an offering as their enterprise wide solution platform to enhance the efficiency of their processes for years to come!

Stay tuned – all the details in ~18 hrs time!



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