Spotlight for Laptop tracking

Here’s a great (short) video that the team recorded of an operational (‘live’) Laptop tracking solution (at a financial services institution in India) built on Spotlight. I’ve also included a deck that articulates (briefly) the solution approach, workflows, and the technology used.


Couple of important takeaways:

  1. The base capabilities of the Spotlight product allows end-users to easily model and deploy domain-specific solutions for asset tracking (such as tracking laptops, baggage, IT assets in-store items etc.) and evolve use-cases organically over time on a real-time solution platform. See here to learn more about Spotlights’ capabilities that allow you to deploy various asset tracking initiatives on a single, unified solution platform and check out the Asset Tracking solutions page to see how the same concepts apply to baggage, IT asset tracking etc.)
  2. Device independence is baked into the solution – i.e. though you see an ‘Active’ Hand-held reader being used in this scenario (as outlined in the solution) the beauty of the solution is that it can ‘plug and play’ with a variety of HW (we’ve done variants with MC 9090 Handhelds from Motorola and fixed / active readers from any HW manufacturers that support BizTalk RFID as parts of the solution) which in essence is the leverage that the BizTalk RFID platform gives you – A way for applications (such as Spotlight) built on this platform to work seamlessly in a device independent manner… and given this has been the case for quite some time now, maybe the new phrase (in addition to RFID for Everyman) to describe this support for heterogeneous device landscape might be ‘So easy,that even a caveman understands this’ 😉 🙂

As you can see, this is a fairly generic scenario for validation and verification of asset and owner in a single automated transaction via RFID technology. In essence this could be applied to a plethora of scenarios for eliminating errors and reducing time during:

  1. Personnel verification in secure areas
  2. Guest verification in resorts (ski passes come to mind here!)
  3. IT asset verification during servicing
  4. Oil & Gas Asset tracking

And a whole lot more which involves secure access and enhanced guest experience.

Enjoy and drop me a note if you’d like to learn more about the solution.



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