American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) Annual Meeting, a Success!

The Transfusion Medicine RFID Consortium’s exhibit at the AABB CTTXPO October 10-12, 2010 is being described as having been very beneficial by members of the Consortium who manned the booth.

Rodeina Davis, RFID Program Director and Vice President and CIO at BloodCenter of Wisconsin, noted that “The stream of visitors was steady throughout the exhibit period and both hospital and blood center visitors expressed high interest in the work we’re doing.”

We presented live demonstrations of some of the more striking and meaningful processes that are enhanced and automated when using RFID technology in blood centers and hospital transfusion services – below are some images from the show for your viewing pleasure 😉



Poster explaining the RFID-based solution to track blood bags in the transfusion medicine supply chain

transfusion services airport style display

Airport style display for transfusion services at hospitals with real-time updates on status of blood bags (dispensed, being used in transfusion, or completed)


RFID-tagged Blood Bags with Spotlight Mobile Point of Care Application

tunnel reader

Automated check-in of blood bags shown using a mini-Tagsys ‘tunnel’ reader



Ram Venkatesh, S3Edge CEO demonstrating the system at work to the FDA


We also hosted a session at the AABB itself on Monday morning with some 100 odd folks from the industry in attendance.

For those who might have missed the demonstrations at our exhibit, the videos are accessible to you on this website’s main page (will be published on the blog soon as well). We have also included the presentation from our AABB session in the Downloads section of this website.

We want to thank all those who visited us. Any questions or requests can be sent to us at and we have also included the presentation from our AABB session in the Downloads section of our website –>




Anush & the Transfusion Medicine RFID Consortium Team.

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