A ‘live’ demonstration of how an enterprise-grade tool tracking solution works–on-site!

The self-contained FME (Foreign Materials Exclusion) cube that was quite literally ‘dropped’ at the PowerGen trade-show floor gave me an opportunity to do a ‘day in the life of a Millwright worker’ video – using our system as they go about their daily tasks on a job site.

After watching this brief clip it becomes quite apparent as to how such a system quite literally  transforms a typical paper-based operation by:

  • Automatically ‘Checking-in’ and ‘Checking-out’ personnel and his tools from the job-site in (saving significant amount of man-hours from the previously manual process)
  • Providing real-time zone status to prevent the wrong tools from ending up in the wrong place, (thus preventing critical mistakes from happening at the plant itself in addition to preventing down-time by looking for a lost tool that’s unaccounted for), and
  • Providing (for the first time) automated / electronic daily, long-term reports for supervisors in real-time (via rich reports and a real-time airport-style display about on-site job related statistics)

So sit-back and enjoy this production brought to you from the iPhone of your truly from the PowerGen show-floor!

Tool-tracking at PowerGen




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