And it’s a wrap from Powergen 2010!

Its’ just awesome when a plan comes together – and boy did all that and more happen as the hard-work by Access Solutions, Xerafy, and us paid  off big time for the PowerGen 2010 show in Orlando earlier this week.

For the first time in all my years in RFID world, I saw a beautiful thing come-together:

  • An industry leader in a particular vertical really listen to their customers and invest in technology as a differentiator for their service – and then take it to another level by building and delivering a real work environment to showcase their commitment to the customer
  • An innovative Hardware partner who has delivered on every aspect of the challenging requirements that the project presented (think clean consumable rags with a tag on them after a days worth of resin on them from a workers shift Winking smile), and
  • Our team stepping up and delivering on a mission-critical, completely packaged solution that was a must to make this work, in record time – and the results really spoke for themselves.

I leave you with a snapshot of the show in pictures and check out Eric’s post  – ’The Wild ride to the PowerGen conference’  on the Xerafy blog as well.

The Access ‘Cube’ before it was unveiledIMG_1889

‘Obey me or I will zap you’ says our very own FME tech of the day, Mr. Ram Venkatesh 🙂photo

A high-tech setup that spared no punches – surveillance camera, video camera (to capture condition of tools and take photos of personnel entering restricted work areas), touch screen display to check in / checkout (and a whole lot more), totes for spares… but hang on, where’s the RFID antennae I wonder?? (Hint: spot the Access ‘A’, and underneath that lies the answer Winking smile)IMG_1892

Our own S3Edge FME tech having way too much fun working the system!


With 15K + attendees, there never was a dull moment at the booth 🙂IMG_1899

Hope you enjoyed as much as we did being there  and looking forward to this first (of many) truly packaged mission-critical solution transforming the way the Energy vertical does business, in partnership with our friends at Access and Xerafy.




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