Monthly Archives: May 2011

Presentation to the Hospital Blood Bank Supervisors Association (Transfusion Medicine Auto-ID applications being developed)

I wanted to share with you a presentation delivered recently by Clive Hohberger PhD, RFID Architect at Blood Center of Wisconsin, to the Hospital Blood Bank Supervisors Symposium in New York. The  intent of the presentation was to provide an in-depth overview of the Transfusion Medicine RFID project to track blood bags in our supply chain from donation to point of care.

This (the presentation) is a great read for end-users interested in understanding how Auto-ID technology (tags, readers, software) is being used to enhance existing business processes at Blood Centers and Hospitals,  details of applications being developed , and the status of the overall project.

You can also access the presentation from the Transfusion Medicine RFID site (click here).

Enjoy the read, and drop me or Clive a line if you have any questions.