Join us at the Unitech Booth next Tuesday (9/13) @ the RFID in Healthcare Event in Chicago


We will be demoing our Industry Solution for Healthcare at the Unitech booth at the RFID in Healthcare Event coming Tuesday– look forward to seeing you there if you are in attendance.

Also, do not miss the talk by our customer (Blood Center of Wisconsin) discussing the Transfusion Medicine RFID solution we are deploying at Blood Centers and Hospitals.

2:45 PM

Vein-to-Vein Implementation of HF RFID in Blood Collection Through Transfusion

ISO 18000-3m1 13.56 MHz RFID tags have been accepted by the International Society for Blood Transfusion and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as data carriers to augment ISBT128 bar-code data on blood products. This is the first FDA-permitted implementation of RFID in all phases of blood banking. In this session, learn about RFID technology and equipment selection, as well as FDA-required RF safety testing, integration with the blood enterprise-computing system, RFID tag performance and tag survivability issues. The presenter will also discuss the benefits and deployment issues at the BloodCenter of Wisconsin and the University of Iowa Health Center.


Alfonso Gutierrez, UW RFID Lab Director and Director,UWEBC Research and Education
Clive P. Hohberger, Ph.D, RFID Systems Architect,BloodCenter of Wisconsin


• How the use of RFID can result in significant ROI over the use of bar codes in blood-center operations, through labor savings and error reduction
• How RFID use integrates with existing ISBT128 global bar-code data structures
• Why tag design and survivability are a problem due to blood centrifugation and irradiation


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