Live Pilot Review at the AABB Annual Meeting: Actual Use of RFID in the Blood Supply Chain



In SoCal, and interested in understand how RFID technology can transform your productivity and error detection in healthcare? Look no further – come join us at the AABB Annual Meeting & CTTXPO on Monday to see our mission-critical solution Transfusion Medicine RFID at work, courtesy our own Mark Anastas & Ram Venkatesh.

More details below:

AABB 2011, Monday Oct 24th 8:30 am, San Diego

Director/Moderator: Lynne Briggs, BS, MBA
Speakers: Mark Anastas, BS, MS; Rodeina Davis; Alfonso Gutierrez, BS, MS
Intended Audience: Physicians, Managers/Supervisors, CEOs/CFOs


  • Develop a basic understanding of RFID technology and standards for RFID use in the blood supply chain.
  • Review the importance of process with technology analysis and measuring improvement when implementing technology changes.
  • Discuss real-life perspective on introducing RFID into a large blood center and hospital.

Event Description: This is a follow-up session to review and report on the journey of a consortium of several blood centers, hospitals, academic and technology partners to bring an RFID solution to the blood industry. This session will provide initial results of actual use of RFID in a blood center environment. The session also provides a basic foundation in RFID technology, an analysis of where and why RFID was deployed and used, as well as insights into the actual gains versus those anticipated in early phases of this ambitious study and solution development. During this session, ICCBBA will present its One World Award to Clive Hohberger, PhD, recognizing his significant contribution to the understanding and application of international information standards in transfusion and transplantation medicine.




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