Turkey Point Nuclear Power Plant First in the Industry to Debut Auto-ID Foreign Material Exclusion Tracking Program


Another feather in S3Edge’s cap as we enable yet another mission-critical Auto-ID solution (in the Energy vertical)  for compliance and tracking – in this case delivered and administered by our partner Access Solutions & Siemens (ive in operation since April of this year) for FME services at  Florida Power & Light’s Turkey Point reactor.

Here’s a gist of what is being said about the new automation system for tool and personnel tracking (STARtrac) powered by S3Edge’s Spotlight software.


“Our system is the first of its kind in the nuclear industry,” explained Velma Brunt, one of two FME accountability technicians in the steam generator work area. “Basically how it works is we scan the individual’s badge and the tools they’re carrying into the work area. Once the person is ready to exit, we rescan their badge and tools. The system automatically alerts us of any materials left behind.”

Over 15,000 tools in the plant were Auto-ID enabled in advance of the EPU project. Many hand tools were equipped with radio frequency identification microchips for efficient scanning. The rest were laser-imprinted with bar codes or marked with identification numbers. Doug Sodaro, PTN’s safety manager, hopes the program will be a great tool in keeping the plant team in Prevention mode. “We use a lot of materials on a daily basis, which means we have to constantly mitigate FME risks. This tool is very useful in that it allows us to have Strong Ownership & Accountability over FME.”

To read the entire edition of Turrkey Point Nuclear News from April, check out the PDF from our partners website –> http://accesssolutions.site.aplus.net/userfiles/file/ptn_nuclear_news_SHORT.pdf



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