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S3Edge @ the California Blood Bank Society (April 24–27th)


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S3Edge will be showcasing our auto-ID based applications for the transfusion medicine industry (Blood Centers and Hospital Blood Banks) called iTrace Tx with Helmer Scientific at the CBBS 2013 Annual Meeting. (in the Helmer booth, #101).

Of specific interest to Blood Center and Hospital folks is a ‘bolt-on’ managed  remote inventory solution for the Helmer refrigerators that showcases how check-in / check-out of blood bags at hospitals can be automated, and remote inventory visibility achieved at Blood Centers.

Look forward to seeing you there if you are in the area.


The S3Edge team.


The mission-critical RFID journey continues: this time around in the transfusion medicine field.


Great article by Claire from RFID Journal on the work we’ve been doing in the Transfusion Medicine supply chain. Read about it below, and check out www.s3edge.com/healthcare.php for more information.

Consortium Pilot Finds RFID Improves Efficiency of Blood Supply Chain

An interesting snippet from the piece that captures the essence of the overall solution:

The consortium found that the use of RFID during the pilot resulted in a 33 percent reduction in reconciliation issues or misplaced products at the blood-donation points, as well as an 87 percent decrease in reconciliation issues or misplaced products when blood arrived at BloodCenter of Wisconsin’s headquarters. In addition, efficiency during final inventory check-in at the BloodCenter of Wisconsin increased by 63 percent. At the hospital, product visibility was improved and the correct blood product was delivered to patient bedsides without a single error, for a total of 144 transfusions.

Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving!


Healthcare IT News: RFID consortium to bring blood product tracking technology to market

Healthcare IT News

Another write-up on the RFID-based Blood Product Tracking System we are bringing to the market – enjoy!




The SANDY Files


Last week, we did a press-release around the release of SANDY (our internal codename for Spotlight Android) at the AABB (American Association of Blood Banks Conference) .

Based on initial feedback received, we believe that this development is a significant leap forward in enabling not just health-care of transfusion medicine RFID applications on the mobile phone, but a game-changer to the deployment of mobile RFID apps overall.  Hence, a brief FAQ to to throw additional light on what this announcement actually means and you can also sign up for a Demo at our website  (http://www.s3edge.com/registration.php) if this piqued your curiosity,

So, w/o any further ado, here is the SANDY faq (also available @ http://www.s3edge.com/products_spotlight_android.php)

What is Spotlight for Android?

Spotlight for Android is a set of apps and services deployed on Android based phones and tablets, that connect to Spotlight Server thus enabling cross-platform mission-critical asset tracking applications.

When is it available?

A Beta of Spotlight for Android is available on the Google Nexus S today. Future plans for Nexus Prime on Android Ice-Cream Sandwich are underway.

What applications can I use on Spotlight for Android today?

Spotlight for Android will support the same set of horizontal Auto-ID applications supported on Spotlight Mobile – these include Commission, De-commission, Trace, Audit RFID tags.

Spotlight for Android will also fully support the set of Transfusion Medicine RFID apps as part of the S3Edge Healthcare Industry Solution, These include Create, Pack, Load, Ship, Audi, Trace, Delete, Return, Import, Checkin.

Can Spotlight for Android be used for other RFID-based asset tracking applications across verticals?

Absolutely – the architecture of the Spotlight Mobile platform lends itself to customization across various vertical asset tracking scenarios and requirements. Both the applications themselves and the UI look and feel can be customized and deployed in a declarative manner based on your business-specific process flows and error handling needs.

What Auto-ID technologies will Spotlight for Android work with?

Current Android platform support is centered on “NFC” (Near-field communication) technology that includes HF (High-Frequency) RFID capabilities. Barcodes and QR codes are supported as data-input to Spotlight for Android mobile apps as well.

Will other types of RFID / Auto-ID devices continue to be supported on Spotlight? And will they work in concert with or Plug and Play with the new device?

Spotlight from the ground up has been designed to support and manage a wide range of RFID and Auto-ID technologies across various form-factors (handheld, fixed, pad, tunnel readers, etc.). In following the rich tradition of heterogeneous Auto-ID device support in the base Spotlight product from S3Edge, The Nexus S from Google will be the 36th such device to be supported – and this list will only continue to grow in the future. All of these devices (from HF, to UHF, Barcode, Active, UWB, and sensor devices) will all continue to work in concert with and can Plug n Play with each other as data sources for applications deployed (and managed) on the S3Edge Spotlight server and mobile platforms.

Can apps built on Spotlight for Android be used on Android-based tablets as well?

Yes – the deployment model of the underlying Spotlight platform allows for apps to be deployed on phones or tablets, seamlessly.

Will SANDY be cloud-enabled from the get-go and what are the various modes that applications built on SANDY can run in?

The Spotlight architecture supports a cloud-based deployment architecture that simplifies data collection at local sites and allows for and significantly simpler data-exchange and integration pattern with subscribing line-of business applications as well as applications on tablets.

Apps built on SANDY can be used in Paddle mode to read and post tags to subscribing apps, or can be used to execute stand-alone business processes on the phone (such as Pack, Ship, Audit etc.) that can then be be sent to various back-end applications or synced offline as needed.

The following pictorial depicts this deployment architecture:


And finally, Why is this such a BIG deal for adoption of RFID-based mobile apps?

There are lots of reasons why this development is a game-changer for customers looking to deploy RFID-based applications in addition to the fact that a Smartphone is now a ubiquitous device that’s carried on person by a working professional. Some of the more significant reasons for why the Spotlight for Android platform is a revolutionary RFID reader can be described as follows:

  1. Is more than twice as fast as the current readers
  2. Has better battery life than any reader on the market
  3. Is half as light as any reader on the market
  4. Has ubiquitous network connectivity and location detection
  5. Has a display screen that can also be used as an input device
  6. Costs less than half of any commercially shipping reader
  7. Has been tested by of millions of users already
  8. Is a mainstream consumer device supported by major corporations

And of course, the fact that we are going to see mass proliferation of NFC-enabled devices in the near future (40M phones projected by end of 2012) will help this along as well Smile 

In summary, we believe this is a significant advancement in enabling RFID and Auto-ID based apps across various verticals and invite you to join us sign up for a demo at  http://www.s3edge.com/registration.php to learn more and understand how this might help with your asset tracking needs.



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Say Hello! to SANDY (Spotlight for Android)


Piqued your curiosity? Smile

Sign up at http://www.s3edge.com/registration.php to learn more and watch this space and the site for more breaking updates on this innovative and ground-breaking development from the guys who live and breathe mission-critical Auto-ID software.



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Live Pilot Review at the AABB Annual Meeting: Actual Use of RFID in the Blood Supply Chain



In SoCal, and interested in understand how RFID technology can transform your productivity and error detection in healthcare? Look no further – come join us at the AABB Annual Meeting & CTTXPO on Monday to see our mission-critical solution Transfusion Medicine RFID at work, courtesy our own Mark Anastas & Ram Venkatesh.

More details below:

AABB 2011, Monday Oct 24th 8:30 am, San Diego

Director/Moderator: Lynne Briggs, BS, MBA
Speakers: Mark Anastas, BS, MS; Rodeina Davis; Alfonso Gutierrez, BS, MS
Intended Audience: Physicians, Managers/Supervisors, CEOs/CFOs


  • Develop a basic understanding of RFID technology and standards for RFID use in the blood supply chain.
  • Review the importance of process with technology analysis and measuring improvement when implementing technology changes.
  • Discuss real-life perspective on introducing RFID into a large blood center and hospital.

Event Description: This is a follow-up session to review and report on the journey of a consortium of several blood centers, hospitals, academic and technology partners to bring an RFID solution to the blood industry. This session will provide initial results of actual use of RFID in a blood center environment. The session also provides a basic foundation in RFID technology, an analysis of where and why RFID was deployed and used, as well as insights into the actual gains versus those anticipated in early phases of this ambitious study and solution development. During this session, ICCBBA will present its One World Award to Clive Hohberger, PhD, recognizing his significant contribution to the understanding and application of international information standards in transfusion and transplantation medicine.



The Road to Mission-Critical RFID begins this fall!

stock photo : Close up view of the working bees on honeycells.

Source: www.shutterstock.com

Its September already, and been a while since I posted due to all the fun stuff we have been working on. The months ahead promise to be one of the most exciting periods in the life of our little company, with a bunch of interesting (and impactful) deployments and events lined up – leading to some significant milestone being notched up in deploying Mission-Critical RFID solutions.

These include:

  • One of the first (if not the first) Mission-Critical RFID Solution roll-out – at a Fortune 50 company no less – where the S3Edge Industry Solution will be deployed in production 24×7,  as a primary enterprise-wide solution in a cluster-aware “hot-hot” environment (uptime, quick recovery, scalability in action for the first time) across production lines and shipping docks in a discrete manufacturing environment. (Hint: the final product that is being tracked may well be installed in your homes Winking smile)
  • Pilot applications deployed in production – both at blood centers and hospitals – in the transfusion medicine supply chain (see www.transfusionmedicinerfid.org to learn more about this important initiative to track blood bags in the nations blood supply chain, and provide point of care safety during transfusions). If you are in the mid-west area, swing by and say hello at the RFID in Healthcare Event @ Chicago (September 13th), where I can be found at the Unitech booth.
  • A go-live of our tool-tracking solution for compliance and safety of personnel in nuclear plants in a large nuclear facility – yet another Mission-Critical solution in action
  • And on a different note, the release of the much-awaited BizTalk 2010 Unleashed book, where yours truly had the honor of co-authoring the RFID chapters on BizTalk RFID Server, and BizTalk RFID Mobile – stay tuned for sample pages from these chapters Smile

Lots to look forward to in what promises to be an exciting and eventful Fall season – drop me a note as always if you are interested in learning more about the above initiatives or just stay tuned for updates!



HiMSS 11 this week: Swing by C Hall, booth 6348 to learn more about our healthcare solutions for real-time asset tracking and point of care patient safety


Swing by the Unitech booth (Hall C, Booth 6348) where Mark Anastas, S3Edge President, and member of  the Transfusion Medicine RFID Consortium leadership team will be available to discuss (and show you a demo) of our Spotlight based Industry Solution for tracking of healthcare assets in the supply chain and point of care patient safety with Auto-ID technology.

Exhibit Hall Hours:

Monday, Feb 21, Exhibit Halls A-D *
11:30am – 5:30pm

Tuesday, Feb 22, Exhibit Halls A-D
9:30am -1:00pm
2:30pm – 5:30pm

Wednesday, Feb 23, Exhibit Halls A-D
9:30am -1:00pm
2:30pm – 5:30pm

Look forward to seeing you there!



Transfusion Medicine RFID @ HiMSS 11 (Sunday Feb 20, 9:15-10:15 a.m.)


If you are at HiMSS 11, check out this great session being presented by members of the Transfusion Medicine RFID Consortium on Sunday, February 20, between 9:15 AM – 10:15 AM, on how Auto-ID technology can make a difference to patient safety in hospitals. Look forward to seeing you there!

Session Title:

Applying RFID and Barcodes to Improve Patient Safety in Transfusion Medicine

This session will focus on applying RFID technology in transfusion medicine, and will highlight the collaborative journey of one hospital and blood center. The presenters will explain how this technology can prevent errors and measure safety improvements in transfusion, ultimately improving upon patient safety.

Speaker Information:
Alfonso Gutierrez, Director, RFID Lab, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Thomas Raife, MD, Clinical Professor of Pathology & Medical Director, DeGowin Blood Center, University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine


· Discuss how Auto-ID technologies can prevent errors in transfusion

· Describe how hospitals and blood centers are collaborating and learning together

· Learn new approaches for quantifying safety improvements in blood transfusion

Orange County Convention Center, Room 304 B



S3Edge at HiMSS 11


We will be in C Hall, booth 6348, with our partner Unitech demonstrating the hand-held based point of care solution for patient safety (ensuring the right medication is administered to the right patient at all times). Check out www.s3edge.com/healthcare for more information on the solution and we look forward to seeing you there!

Stay tuned for updates, and more information on a very exciting session that will be presented at the conference coming soon – if you are at the conference and would like to meet, or see a demo of the solution, please drop me me a line!