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The Road to Mission-Critical RFID begins this fall!

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Its September already, and been a while since I posted due to all the fun stuff we have been working on. The months ahead promise to be one of the most exciting periods in the life of our little company, with a bunch of interesting (and impactful) deployments and events lined up – leading to some significant milestone being notched up in deploying Mission-Critical RFID solutions.

These include:

  • One of the first (if not the first) Mission-Critical RFID Solution roll-out – at a Fortune 50 company no less – where the S3Edge Industry Solution will be deployed in production 24×7,  as a primary enterprise-wide solution in a cluster-aware “hot-hot” environment (uptime, quick recovery, scalability in action for the first time) across production lines and shipping docks in a discrete manufacturing environment. (Hint: the final product that is being tracked may well be installed in your homes Winking smile)
  • Pilot applications deployed in production – both at blood centers and hospitals – in the transfusion medicine supply chain (see www.transfusionmedicinerfid.org to learn more about this important initiative to track blood bags in the nations blood supply chain, and provide point of care safety during transfusions). If you are in the mid-west area, swing by and say hello at the RFID in Healthcare Event @ Chicago (September 13th), where I can be found at the Unitech booth.
  • A go-live of our tool-tracking solution for compliance and safety of personnel in nuclear plants in a large nuclear facility – yet another Mission-Critical solution in action
  • And on a different note, the release of the much-awaited BizTalk 2010 Unleashed book, where yours truly had the honor of co-authoring the RFID chapters on BizTalk RFID Server, and BizTalk RFID Mobile – stay tuned for sample pages from these chapters Smile

Lots to look forward to in what promises to be an exciting and eventful Fall season – drop me a note as always if you are interested in learning more about the above initiatives or just stay tuned for updates!




Transfusion Medicine RFID @ HiMSS 11 (Sunday Feb 20, 9:15-10:15 a.m.)


If you are at HiMSS 11, check out this great session being presented by members of the Transfusion Medicine RFID Consortium on Sunday, February 20, between 9:15 AM – 10:15 AM, on how Auto-ID technology can make a difference to patient safety in hospitals. Look forward to seeing you there!

Session Title:

Applying RFID and Barcodes to Improve Patient Safety in Transfusion Medicine

This session will focus on applying RFID technology in transfusion medicine, and will highlight the collaborative journey of one hospital and blood center. The presenters will explain how this technology can prevent errors and measure safety improvements in transfusion, ultimately improving upon patient safety.

Speaker Information:
Alfonso Gutierrez, Director, RFID Lab, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Thomas Raife, MD, Clinical Professor of Pathology & Medical Director, DeGowin Blood Center, University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine


· Discuss how Auto-ID technologies can prevent errors in transfusion

· Describe how hospitals and blood centers are collaborating and learning together

· Learn new approaches for quantifying safety improvements in blood transfusion

Orange County Convention Center, Room 304 B



S3Edge at HiMSS 11


We will be in C Hall, booth 6348, with our partner Unitech demonstrating the hand-held based point of care solution for patient safety (ensuring the right medication is administered to the right patient at all times). Check out www.s3edge.com/healthcare for more information on the solution and we look forward to seeing you there!

Stay tuned for updates, and more information on a very exciting session that will be presented at the conference coming soon – if you are at the conference and would like to meet, or see a demo of the solution, please drop me me a line!



Press article on S3Edge Spotlight Software powering Mission-Critical RFID for Tool-tracking & FME Services at Power Plants



Great article by – Self-contained RFID Cube Helps Keep Out Foreign Material – by Claire Swedberg at RFID Journal discussing how S3Edge Spotlight Software powers Mission-Critical deployments for Access Solutions today, helping:

  1. Automating the process of monitoring which tools are carried into or out of different zones , and in whose custody at nuclear power plants.
  2. Reducing processing times for check-in procedure  by upto 83 percent (previously required three to 15 minutes per person – now requires only 30 seconds to three minutes).
  3. Providing an electronic audit trail for safety and security compliance while significantly reducing tool loss and personnel violations in a secure site.

Enjoy the read and drop us a line if you’d like to learn more – and check out the video of the solution at work as well (see blog post below or click here)



Back by popular request: Thing to keep in mind as you deploy mission-critical Auto-ID applications

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In recent conversations with industry professionals, a recurring theme that comes up is ‘How do I approach a Auto-ID based solution like any other enterprise application roll-out’? A simple enough question at first-glance, but as I prodded a bit more, it became clear that certain factors seemed to be causing apprehension in their minds – I’d like to share these insights gained for the benefit of the larger audience, and the questions behind the above question roughly translate to the following customer asks (with some paraphrasing by yours truly):

  • Any solution we deploy needs to be Auto-ID hardware agnostic i.e. Why can’t I chose the most effective form of data-capture (RFID, barcode, sensors etc.) based on my application requirements (vs. what’s supported by the vendors software), and this needs to be able to ‘scale out’ to multiple devices and device types over time.
  • The new solution must extend and ‘make better’ my existing Line-of-Business systems through Auto-ID data –  not try and replace them!
  • ‘Mission-criticalness’ is a must… if I am going to replace existing ad-hoc or manual operations with it, that means 24×7 ‘hot-hot’ availability and failover metrics similar to my application and database servers. And it needs to play well within my existing enterprise platform architecture (ala Microsoft or IBM or Orcale) vs. custom middleware or worse, custom code masquerading as a proprietary development kit on device / server.
  • Need packaged applications that address the common requirements across deployments like being able to specify a configurable asset catalog, support for asset commissioning, zone audits, check-in, check-out and movement detection etc.
  • Remote Management of devices must be through standard mechanisms and tools – can’t be a silo or require any custom software on the devices which only leads to additional manageability nightmares when something goes wrong in production
  • Mobile applications are an integral part of scanning / error-checking operations on the ground and need to work across various form factors such as hand-helds, fork-lifts and kiosks. We expect manageability support here to be standard including ‘over the air’ provisioning of device applications and support for sporadically connected / disconnected environments  with the central application server.
  • My IT team HATES the complexity associated with custom code – customization and configuration need to be accomplished with standard development tools / IDE’s, not proprietary tools

To address the above, I went back and dusted some of the earlier posts on this subject – and they still seem to hold water going by the feedback of our clients – so here there are once again for your perusal:

    The Top 5 factors that most influence a successful deployment of RFID applications in your Enterprise

    The Top 5 habits of all successful, packaged RFID applications


I hope you find these resources useful and educative. Please do not hesitate to e-mail or call me if you have any questions, or would like to discuss how our Spotlight asset tracking platform and industry solutions  address the above and might be useful for a scenario you are planning.



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Toll Global Logistics Expects RFID to Provide Significant Savings: RFID Journal.com

Read more about the operational benefits, increased productivity, and end-user value that a global 3PL is creating with RFID technology, all while reducing costs – a great example of an enterprise innovating and coming out of the recession with a cutting edge technology solution to leapfrog competition!






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