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TechEd 2009: Tech-talk take 2 with Sudhir Hasbe

Sudhir Hasbe (Product Manger responsible for the overall RFID business at Microsoft) and I sat down to discuss how S3Edge’s unique packaged, turnkey solutions in the form of Real-Time Visibility Systems [RTVS] are helping customers with vertically integrated manufacturing & logistics operations to start seeing immediate results from “Biztalk RFID Enabled Warehouse Operations and Work-in-Process Tracking” – catch the recording at the URL below and hope you enjoy this as much as we did in creating this!


If you have any questions for Sudhir, he can be reached via his blog at http://blogs.msdn.com/sudhir/ 




And it’s a wrap [RFID Journal Webinar recording]

For those of you who missed our Webinar earlier this week, or would like to see it again at your own pace, here’s the link from RFID Journal:


Topics we covered:

  1. Scenarios and requirements addressed by a Real-Time Visibility System [RTVS]
  2. Components of a RTVS and the S3Edge RTVS software architecture
  3. The Key business characteristics to look for in order to get significant benefits from a RTVS
  4. A 3 phase approach [Observe, Direct, Improve] to get up and running quickly – and get immediate returns with a RTVS
  5. 2 customer case-studies that demonstrates RTVS at work
  6. An insiders look at the packaged flows supported by the S3Edge RTVS applications for Warehouse Ops and Work-in-Process Asset tracking
  7. A quick-start guide to deploy a RTVS

Enjoy and drop us a line if we can help answer any questions on a RTVS deployment you are considering.



New case study now available: How GKB Hi-Tech / Carl Zeiss Vision reduce their turnaround time for their overall manufacturing processes by deploying S3Edge RTVS

Hot off the presses!


See how Lens Manufacturer (GKB Hi-tech) Optimized their Order Management Process with the S3 Edge Real-Time Visibility System for Work-in-Process Tracking


“Visibility in manufacturing processes means that we reduce dwell time, and therefore, increase in-yield. This helps reduce our turnaround time by 23 percent in overall manufacturing processes.”

Mr. Manish Soni, General Manager, GKB Hi-Tech Lenses Pvt. Ltd.


Read more about it at http://www.s3edge.com/downloads/s3Edge_GBK_April_13_2009.pdf 

And if you haven’t yet seen how the S3 Edge Real Time Visibility System for Warehouse Operations helps Rite Care Pharmacy cut their turn-around time by 50% check out http://www.s3edge.com/RiteCare_BizTalkRFID.pdf


See you at the Webinar tomorrow!





SAVE THE DATE: 04/14/09! Register today for an exclusive webinar to learn how our packaged solutions can help you cut costs and improve your warehouse & manufacturing operations within the year!

As a leading provider of  Real-Time Visibility Systems for warehouse management and manufacturing operations, S3Edge would like to invite you to a no-cost webinar we’re sponsoring with Microsoft on April 14th, 2009.


The webinar is titled:

An Insider’s guide to cutting costs and improving your operations with packaged solutions for Inventory and Process Visibility – How your company can create near-term customer value and strategic long-term differentiation by connecting your warehouse and factory-floor activities to controlling enterprise applications in real time


Who should attend?

Executives and decision makers responsible for Supply Chain or Plant Floor Operations in the 3PL / Logistics / Retail or Manufacturing arena & Answer ‘Yes’ to one or more of the statements below:

  • Direct the work of staff in an optimal manner
  • Ensure 95% to 99% order fill rates
  • Reduce labor costs 10% to 30%
  • Reduce or prevent errors during:
    • Data Entry
    • Receiving [Excess or Short]
    • Shipping [Excess , Short, Incorrect]
    • Inventory Movement
  • Improves pick productivity by reslotting warehouse inventory locations un real-time
  • Eliminate labor costs due to manual inventory
  • Reduce returns and charge-backs due to shipping of excess, incorrect inventory
  • Improve operating margins by reducing excess and obsolete inventory
  • Reduce time spend and errors from non-value added activities like SORTING, COUNTING, STACKING, EXPEDITING, CHECKING
  • Reduce customer violations
  • Reduce cycle times and errors during Replenishment by 10-20%
  • Get real-time visibility into job performance on the floor
  • Eliminate ‘lost’ , ‘excess’, or ‘incorrect’ parts via real-time Verification

Come learn how this this Webinar will help you experience immediate improvements and expense reductions by substantially reducing errors and improving existing processes in your warehouse / manufacturing environment – resulting in increased customer satisfaction / retention and reduction in labor + operating costs.

Where to register?

Goto the RFID Journal Webinar registration page [Click HERE] today and register for this great event with real end user value!


What additional value else can you expect?

Joining me will be Microsoft’s Director of Operations Excellence, Ingo Heel and we promise a high quality, relevant and valuable 60 minutes of real solutions for creating near term value with longer term differentiation for your business. We will also be revealing a special offer for webinar participants to schedule an evaluation of your warehouse / manufacturing operation to estimate the cost and the expected return of deploying a Real Time Visibility System at your facilities.

So don’t miss this opportunity to educate yourself on how to take advantage of our turnkey, packaged solutions to transform your businesses and if there are others at your organization that you feel would benefit from this webinar, let them know as well!

Look forward to meeting you on the 14th! 🙂