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New customer case study available for download: Learn how Asia’s leading 3PL automates their warehouse operations with RFID


“RFID, via Toll‟s REAP platform, is a key technology that we believe will take our supply chain into the future today. This innovation is going to be a game-changer for Toll. It will differentiate the way we do our business. In addition, it will enable us to stay ahead of competition and become more integrated to our customers.”

Wayne Hunt, President & CEO, Toll Global Logistics

“The new system provides an additional failsafe layer for us and our customers by ensuring that pallets do not get shipped to the wrong destination as a result of manual errors. This results in reduction of expenditure associated with missed shipments, damages and reworks by up to 80 percent. In addition, we should expect to see a reduction around 6 minutes of handling time per pallet cycle, which in turn will translate into significant savings for a warehouse that handles hundreds of thousands of pallets per annum.”

James Chan, General Manager of Innovation, Technology and Operations Development, Toll Global Logistics

Customer Profile

Toll Global Logistics is one of Asia’s leading logistics service providers. Its strength and credibility rests on the ability to provide total integrated logistics solutions, backed by innovative technologies and world-class processes.

Business Situation

Toll Global Logistics wanted to take warehousing technology to the next level of visibility and productivity.


Toll Global Logistics invested in S3Edge’s Spotlight technology, the first packaged Real-Time Visibility & Control System (RTVS) built ground up on the Microsoft BizTalk RFID platform, to develop REAP. The REAP solution tracks and controls material movement in warehouses resulting in better, faster, error free and near real-time warehouse operations for end-users.


  • Improves throughput of business processes by increasing labor efficiency
  • Enhances accuracy, reduces errors in warehouse operations
  • Provides visibility and control of asset movements


Click here to download and read the entire case-study.

See the video here.





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‘Hardest thing for technology companies to do is to stop thinking about your technology and pulling together the partners required to deliver complete solutions of value to the customer’ – Geoff Moore on creating sustainable value with RFID in today’s market.



Had the pleasure of sitting on a valuable together by RFID Journal Live (kudos to Mark and team there!) and came away with a lot of common sense and practical advise by Geoff Moore who continues to amaze with his innate ability to simplify and explain things in lay man terms.

If you are a RFID solution vendor I’d highly recommend listening to this Webinar if you haven’t –> Geoff hits the nail on the head on numerous issues that are possibly hindering market penetration strategies that are being adopted by vendors, and the highlights that ‘stuck’ for me personally (and what we’ve been articulating consistently as well) were the following:

  • Look for sustainable value for end-users in ‘bowling alley’ markets that are niche but repeatable – and put the focus on the system for the end-user where you can clearly articulate value for your customers as a solution (vs. disparate technology pieces). And btw, this can’t be a rip and replace model for end-users – you have to show them the incremental value.
  • Partner expectations need to be lined up based on the type of markets they are targeting (for example, the tag / reader vendors can’t be gunning for a tornado market when the SW vendor is going after a more niche bowling alley market)
  • Perhaps most importantly, his analogy of how Qualcomm took a system (Hardware + Software) to CDMA that basically took them into a Tornado market from a Bowling-Alley market and how tag and reader vendors can do the same by partnering with SW vendors to deliver a complete system of value to end users – was something that personally resonates deeply and I hope there were some HW vendors listening on the call that take this invaluable insight to heart and do something about it – ‘Hardest thing for technology companies to do is to stop thinking about your technology and pulling together the other partners required to deliver solutions of value to the customer’ – Amen to that and check out Er…Isn’t this really about “Execution”?” from last December on AllThingsRTVS!

Kudos again to Mark and team for pulling this together, and it’s going to be interesting to see how things change in the RFID vendor landscape to line up vertical solutions / systems of value to end customers.





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